Holiday Desserts & Cookies

Yule Log

Serves 6-8 $27.99 per ea

Rich chocolate sponge cake made with raspberry and buttercream filling are rolled into this traditional Yule Log. Iced and decorated for the holidays.

Cannoli Chips Platter

Serves 6-8 $19.99 per ea

Crispy, deconstructed cannoli shells paired with cannoli cream, perfect for intimate or large gatherings.

Winter Wonderland Cake

Serves 8 $17.99 per ea

Moist lemon cake with real cranberries.

Pastry Platter

Serves 4-6 $19.99 per ea

An assortment of delicious pastry for your holiday dessert.

Balducci's Stollen

Serves 6 $17.99 per ea

A yeasty, rich, slightly sweet bread with candied fruits soaked in rum.

Handmade Cookies

Serves 1 $7.99 per ea

Artisanal sweet treats.

Holiday Petit Fours

$3.99 per ea

Bite-sized cakes, beautifully decorated
for Christmas.

Holiday Sugar Cookies

Serves 8-10 $9.99 per pack

Our own sugar cookies in holiday shapes topped with
festive sugar sprinkles.

Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie, 9-inch

Serves 8 $16.99 per ea

A rich custard style pumpkin pie with just a hint of fall spices.

Pecan Pie, 9-in

Serves 8 $18.99 per ea

A rich blend of brown sugar, eggs and pecans gives this sweet custard pie its traditional Southern flavor. An old-fashioned favorite, our pecan pie is always a popular choice for holidays and other special occasions.

9" Apple Pie

Serves 6-8 $16.99 per ea

Our natural apple pie, made with fresh Ida Red apples.

Coconut Custard Pie, 10-in

Serves 8 $16.99 per ea

Lightly toasted coconut flakes saturated with a smooth coconut flavor and rich milky custard texture.

Balducci's Apple Galette

Serves 4 $14.99 per ea

Our store-made galettes feature seasonal fruits and real butter, flour and sugar.

Cookie Platter, 1.25 lb

Serves 6 - 8

Choose from Sweet & Savory Shortbread; Italian Traditional; or Assorted.

  • $26.00
  • $26.00
  • $26.00

Cookie Platter, 3 lb

Serves 14 - 18

Choose from Sweet & Savory Shortbread; Italian Traditional; or Assorted.

  • $55.00
  • $55.00
  • $55.00

*Consumer Advisory: These foods are raw, undercooked or lightly cooked. Consuming these foods may cause food borne illness in children, pregnant women, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems. NOTE: Many items on this menu are prepared in facilities that may process peanuts, nuts, shellfish, or other potential allergens.